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Rogue Swan, Down to the Wire – Fun Watching it all Come Together

May 21, 2019

Man, when I signed on for this, I had no idea how much work it would be. Exhausting but rewarding. One particularly long rehearsal day, I shot for just shy of seven hours. People are beginning to show up in costume, as well as getting their timing down, so I able to get some of the shots I wanted. Between what I have now and what I can manage during dress rehearsal Wednesday, I'll fill in for anything I can't get from behind the last row during the performance. Spent part of yesterday getting everything ready for that – the fewer surprised the better. 

The shot above is one of my favorites. Here Tara and Bre prepare to sing a duet. I grabbed the shot just as Tara walks over and sits down. I can't wait to work on the print version – a number of which I will finally get a chance to work on after Friday night. The shot below is Nate, Katie's big tall dude husband. He was in the shadows on the keyboard in the background here when I spotted the double face shadows and zoomed in on him. Again, the print version will have to wait – darn.

Below is Alex again, looking just a tad different than the last posting. Nan loves this one for some reason, telling me to make sure I included it. As always, these images are included on the Havre de Grace Street page where they are a little larger and downloadable. I'll try to post a couple more tomorrow. The first two here I’m using to set-up the performance album on the Street page – they qualify. the one below is from a previous rehearsal.

The show, Rogue Swan's Vaudeville, The Last Call, is this Friday and Saturday and tickets are HERE: