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The Rogue Swan Band

May 22, 2019

Caleb, Nate, Jeremy, Josh, Jason, Izzy, JimmyO and Bre – gathered together on a porch in town for a quick shot pre-rehearsal (Bre plays the keyboard). I was so used to rainy days that I got up that day and packed a fill-flash. Then the sun came out, full monty. Lilli, Rogue Swan manager and one of the boss ladies, basically posed them – I just had them move forward so nobody was in the shadows and shot. A couple of exposures and they were already  beginning to lose concentration. Kids, cats and musicians seem to have that in common.

I know this is the second posting today, but the first was just one image too. I'm a combination of exhausted from all of this and worried that I'll miss it when it's over. Good thing the Fuji's are holding up to the strain – Friday I'll be plugging them into the wall outlet back there so I won't have to worry about batteries.

And Fuji, I have a new setting I would like to see – doing stage shooting from the back with a zoom, one just wants to set the f-stop wide open and leave it. I would like to see a menu setting to lock that in place so I could work without double checking that I haven't accidentally moved it a little while working. Sure, you see that in the viewer, but it would be so handy.

The show, Rogue Swan's Vaudeville, The Last Call, is this Friday and Saturday and tickets are HERE: