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One More to our Maria Annegarn Collection – an Other Peoples Art posting

Jun 3, 2019

OK, we have a weak spot for bringing art into the house – and there are a few artists who's work we, quite without realizing it, have wound up collecting. Since Annegarn's pieces (except for one) do not hang on the wall, it's not at first glance as evident as with a couple of others. This little piece, "Miss Eternal Sunshine" stands (sits) 6 inches tall on her own very smooth rock.

As you can see on the right, our display of sitting figures is almost full – not sure if the remaining spot should be filled with another figure or a different kind of small piece. They all have names, along with seats (one has a separate purse).

See Maria’s work at RiverView Gallery here in Havre de Grace – she always has some interesting stuff. We have a larger piece of a different sort on layaway right now – so sometime in the next couple of months expect another piece on her.

p.s. Nan just read this as I’m writing and said that the final piece in the collection will definitely be another seated figure. She’s looking forward to it. 

UPDATE on my December 21 Other Peoples Art posting on Luces y Sombras by Norberto Seebach…


My copy was recently delivered (finally) by a visitor from Easter Island. It is everything I expected and more. Norberto was an old-school B&W photographer – Weston, Picker and Adams. His 145 images, text in english, Spanish and German, are a class in seeing in B&W. Every image is a study in composition and values. The problem is that, even though Norberto's previeous works have always been available here, I can only find this one available in Chile. I was planning an expanded review and links to where to get this fine volume, but it looks like it's not going to be available here at all.