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Pride Day – Posting 2

Jun 27, 2019

I thought I'd do a posting of a few images of people being people at the Pride Day celebration before I return to some performance images next posting. There was a lot going on, and no way could anyone capture it all. It was either concentrate on what was going on in the rest of the park and pretty much ignore the central performances and crowd, or the other way around. And since this was a first-and-only in the area, next year promises to be even more of a challenge. I had better be prepared with a fuller understanding of the layout and schedules. Lesson learned.

What can I say about the scene above, other than to observe that they didn't seem out of place at all. I saw this couple as walking through the grounds making their statement about love.

The next shot simply shows a conversation between the crossdresser who we later saw reading to a group of kids – that's one way to get their attention – and a local daddy with stroller.

Below, in a booth that, if I/m not mistaken, was sponsored by the local tattoo parlor, is some fancy work being done on this young lady.

Whenever there was a lull in stage performances, as music was always being played, people would take advantage of the opportunity to dance it up. The next three images:

At about seven The Hushdown left the stage and everybody pretty much headed for home. On our way out we passed this group of what reminded me of 60’s hippies – my generation, resting in the shade:

I will reiterate, this was very much a FAMILY event. Thank you Havre de Grace. In a couple of days, even more Pride Day images. All are being added to the Pride Day album on the Havre de Grace Street page where they are a little larger and downloadable.