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Pride Day – Posting 3, more images from the stage area

Jun 29, 2019

It took a little time to get all the images together from thie event – lighting was harsh and tricky, making for a little extra work on each image. Just a few images to finish things off here – mostly to let people know what they might have missed as far as entertainment. Drag queens coming out among the crowd was a thing, and them the passing of dollar bills to them began – something I didn't know was a thing. I had to Google it to find out what that was all about. Man did the kids join in with that.

Things sort of evolved where ther were gaps so the "girls" had room to dance. The shot above is a little of a wide shot showing a typical scene (I did remove a few head tops from the bottom of the image). This is "Evon Dior Michelle".

Below is “Pariah", who opened the first of three shows. Here she takes to the grass. And there's our Promenade in the background.

The fourth Drag Queen, below, is "Obi City". In one performance she donned a pair of wings.

One interesting addition to the entertainment was the, very appropriate, appearance of the cast – Frankie’s Midnight Runners” – of The Rocky Horror Picture Show performing “Time Warp". They perform twice a month in Wilmington Delaware – Link. Afterwards I shot this of them posing for an iPhone shot for a fan. I watch for these as I find it tells much more of a story than simply shooting a group. And at the same time I remain sort of anonymous.

Finally a partial shot of The Hushdown, who put on a great couple of performances during the day. I have more images, but the portable stage made for a horrible backdrop – I’ve got so many much better shots of this group anyway, mostly First Friday images. But I thought this was cute – taken at an angle to eliminate the worst of the stage. It shows the lead singer Kali Hinkel, flanked by backup singer April Burril and, for the first time with the group, guitarist Josh Hutchenson. Later I told April that Nan said she really liked her boots, and that my reply was “what boots?”. Just another of my dumb attempts at a humorous compliment on her look.

The Hushdown always put on a good show – mostly their own music with a couple of classics rock pieces mixed in.

Pride Day in Havre de Grace was a lot of fun and an opportunity to support sometimes spurned but important segments of our community. We should all also take pride in the fact that here it became a family event – what it should be. And of course there’s always the guilty pleasure of afterwards watching a few (put in your own adjectives here) heads explode over the whole thing. This has been a long time coming.

As always, the images have been added to the album on the Havre de Grace Street page, where they are a little larger and downloadable. Whew – finishe up with this before the next First Friday, with a few days to spare. Still way behind on printing. Anyone waiting for orders or to see them appear in the free-to-pictured box at RiverView, please be patient. We stay pretty busy which means the two weeks we were down with the flu created quite a backlog of things to do.