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Pride Day – "Sarabesque" entertains as Pride Day in Havre de Grace becomes a family event

Jun 24, 2019

This is the first of maybe three postings on this. Pride Day in Havre de Grace was just that for us – we're damn proud of our town. Why just have a parade?, Havre de Grace made it a festival, a family oriented celebration of those among us who might just be a little more different than "some folks" are comfortable with – well, they can just get over it. An easy five thousand people came out, bringing whole families along. Kids were everywhere – a perfect opportunity to see that funny uncle Joe and his husband isn't alone. It was heartening to see the Mayor open the celebrations, most of the City Council on hand, a good number of the churches in town showing their support with booths, signs, and refreshments for all.

I do B&W photography – which in this digital age means I shoot RAW exposures – starting with color gives more choices in converting to grayscale. So I have about three hundred files to remind me of all the fantastic color of the day. But I'll leave the publishing of color images from the event to others – although, if anyone associated with any of my images ever needs a color version for promotion, etc., I'd be glad to leave the "noise" in and give it to them.

The shot above may not be the most fun image from the day, but it is by far my favorite. They young lady's name is Sarabesque – one of the drag queens who gave three very enthusiastically received shows during the festivities. I have more images I want to share, but thought I'd do the first posting on just Sarabesque since she’s in four and definitely brought the joy.

I will reiterate, this was very much a FAMILY event. Thank you Havre de Grace. In a couple of days, more Pride Day images. All are being added to the Pride Day album on the Havre de Grace Street page where they are a little larger and downloadable.