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Reggie Wayne Morris – and more First Friday in June

Jun 22, 2019

Every First Friday, barring enough rain to prevent running electricity to speakers, etc., there are a half dozen or more bands playing around town. And despite the fact that music appreciation is subjective, there is always one that stands out – attracting something of a devoted crowd.

This time it was Reggie Wayne Morris – some really great, gritty blues. Even more impressive in that it’s all original work. He was pretty centrally located, so I got to hear a good bit of his first set. I wanted more, especially after the sun went down a little bit, but we ran out of energy – our first day out and around after being down with the flu for a couple of weeks – so I snapped a shot of his hat hanging on the mic during his break and we headed home. We did get a CD though. Here's a link to more on Reggie, followed by the shot of his hat:  http://rwmband.com

Street chess in front of Concord Point Coffee, another staple of First Fridays. There are always three or four boards set up – here a pair of ladies ponder the next move.

And finally, I grapped a quick shot of Channel 2 in Baltimore on the street doing interviews.

These join the images in the First Friday in June album on the Havre de Grace Street page, where they are larger and downloadable.


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