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"See What I Can Do"

Jun 13, 2019

How many of us guys can get away with waring a floozie dress? Maybe it's the legs, I don't know. I do know that Jesse carries off wearing a dress in Rogue Swan's Vaudeville performance at the Opera House. If anyone wants to see this in glorious color, actually a whole sereis of shots of the skit, just go HERE to the Flickr album of the event. If for no other reason, wanting to see what Jesse does next should incentive enough to look forward to October's Halloween themed Vaudeville performance.

I will admit to using a slight motion-blur on everything but Jesse here (in B&W slight motion-blur does a better job than focus-blur). Then of course the normal efforts to nullify the effects of terrible, multicolored stage lighting and getting rid of that ugly mic hanging off his face. I had a difficult time selecting the image to use – zeroing in on this one partly because it reminds me of Stuart skits on Mad TV ("See what I can do!") – viewable at any time on YouTube – Here.

Now I think I'll begin looking at those first Friday images.