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Spotlight on a Dynamic Duo – Color is noise!?

Jun 1, 2019

I wasn't going to work on this one right away because I knew it would be so tricky. But Rogue Swan zeroed right in on the color exposure and posted it. The first stage in converting a RAW file to B&W includes an array of color channel sliders. Just imagine the complications of effects that resulted from the rainbow lighting on this image – each color range could be lightened or darkened individually. I've always liked to joke that "color is Noise" – well, in this case it was a cacaphony (or symphony if you are a fan). Normally I wouldn’t consider posting the RAW (or color) exposure I work from, but being as this one seems to have generated a lot of interest, here it is:

In Saturday night's fnale, I noticed Jimmyo and Jeremy in the background getting a little exuberant. Zooming in on them, I waited for a view break and ripped off a few quick shots. This one looks best printed on the large side.

Looks like we will be emerging back into the world sometime early in the week, our self imposed quarantine over – we like to avoid any risk of giving the flu to others, one never knows how much harm it might inflict. I have what is to me an important “Other Peoples Art” posting to work on. I think I’ll do that next, taking a break from this sequence, then back in.

Again, the images are a little larger and downloadable on the Havre de Grace Street page.


Well, I don't think it was my pretty face that did it – it must be a growing interest in Rogue Swan. The stats for visitors to this blog took an amazing jump in May. I logged 1067 "unique visitors" for the month – that's a jump of 400 from the previous month, which was only a fraction over average. At one point in the Easter Island project, I approached these figures, but a whole lot of that was out of the country interest. I find this surprising, gratifying and a little intimidating.