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The Drum Circle – A First Friday Thing

Jun 20, 2019

While I enjoy roaming the streets First Fridays, often until after dark, sometimes I'm tempted to simply grab a chair and spend the evening shooting Cliff Giles' drum circle. Located on the triangle smack dab in the middle of the closed off streets, it is one of the event's main draws. Normally it's a five-way intersection – with a no hard left turn allowed from there on there on the right (the only one I have ever witnessed grabbing that turn is the town's Mayor – or shouldn't I mention that – early on a Saturday morning with little to no traffic). Drummers come and go, making room for anyone to take a turn adding their rhythm, or lack thereof, to the beat.

That brings me to my second image – Bob Greene, a retiree stalwart of the keep Havre de Grace clean squad, That's his pick-up stick there in front of him. I have to admit to something a little disingenuous about this image – Bob was not drumming. He saw me raise my camera and posed briefly with his hands raised over the drums in front of him, returning them to his lap almost immediately. Evidently his lack of ability to keep pace with the rest of the drummers matches my own.

And a few more drum-circle related images from this month’s First Friday:


I'm adding these to the First Friday in June album on the Havre de Grace Street page. I still have another posting coming up of images to add to the album – the latest album added to gets moved to the front. And, obviously, there are more drum circle images in albums from past First Fridays. They make something of a collection all their own.