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Three Faces from the Street – First Friday in June

Jun 14, 2019

One of the things I like to do on First Fridays is look for interesting faces. I hit a couple of other themes this time, but I thought I's start off with my three favorite faces from the evening. Above, the local bridal boutique often posts one or two girls in bridal gowns out front. I usually grab a shot or two, but it's tricky getting an unposed portrait of someone dressed more for a formal sitting. But this very lovely young lady, wearing just the right, simple, elegant gown to set her off, stopped me in my tracks. To me the perfect touch is her focusing on something else going on in the street, completely unaware that a camera was capturing the moment.

The shot below is not really about the human face. It's the parrot's face that I focused on – tricky too, had to think to turn facial recognition off real quick, no way it would handle that. Cool.

The final image, a very quick grab shot, captures an expression on this kid that makes me want to put a title to the image that reflects what he might be thinking.

As always, these imags are included in the appropriate album on the Havre de Grace Street page, and are downloadable. More to come from First Friday in June.