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Getting into the Groove – First Friday in July

Jul 8, 2019

This had to be the hottest, most humid, windless First Friday ever. At the same time it was the evening before all the Saturday fourth of July parade, concerts and fireworks. So there were maybe half the number of people in the streets. But everyone was having as much fun as they could while soaking wet with sweat. Even the drum circle, always a center of activity, was working without its leader Cliff Giles – who decided it was simply too unhealthy to subject himself to that.

In the image above, this little girl spent over an hour dance-shuffling to Jett Black. The band retreated to some shade off the street, leaving the sidewalk to this young lady – see her hair, that was everyone’s hair. A number of people took a turn dance-shuffling with her, even me. For a while, I let my camera drop and copied her movies, jumping up and down and shuffling my feet to the beat of the music – why not. I didn’t have to worry about working up a sweat, that was already happening. I don’t know the kid’s name, but I think I know where she lives. I’ll be printing next week so should be able to deliver a print of this to her.

That’s it for this one, too much more going on with the site to add more from First Friday until later in the week. I’ll add this and those to the Havre de Grace Street page Street Events PDF along with next posting.

Major revisions to the Havre de Grace Street album page

While I liked the old "album" system, it was a huge amount of work, took up a lot of room on the server and provided images unaccompanied by the posting text. The new "albums" are simply PDFs containing related postings (when possible with unrelated parts of postings removed). For example: All of the postings related to the "Wilde Window Painting iPhone Series" now compose one PDF that can be opened via a link or downloaded. The same is now true of Blog postings on Performances by Rogue Swan, Duke Thompson, Wind Up Toy, Hafla Images, and even "Virginia Wolf" at the Community College. These now can be found their appropriate PDF albums. And you can see from the page this streamlines things considerably.

While it was a bit of work converting over, it should now save me a lot of effort. One small new folio did emerge from this. For now I'll just call it "Havre de Grace Scenics", accessable from the Folios page and next to the Street link on the Home Page. Unlike with the Street page, all images on the “Scenics page are in my fine-art print collection. Maybe the sheer dearth of images will inspire me to take a break from shooting people and go back to doing some scenics – who knows. Even the Downloads/Links page got cleaned up a little.

A comment about comments…

While making changes to the way I handle the Havre de Grace Street album page – mandated by the sheer volume of images  I'm accumulating – I noticed  comments I had missed, including a couple of questions. I apologize – in my defense I can only say that comments are so scarce that I forget to look for them. Not a good enough excuse, I'll try to do better in the future.