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July Moonshine Hafla 2 – Regina Snow and Lorelei

Jul 31, 2019

This is the second posting in two days of work from July's Melt Your Face Off Edition of the quarterly Moonshine Hafla. We've seen crowds for these that just barely fill the seats to standing room only. And, though they are all interesting, there always seems to be at least one or two dancers that really shine. This time there were a few that made it worth a trip across town – the $5 entry fee is hardly an issue. the young lady above with the fan-veils, Regina Snow, put on quite a show, almost but not quite impressive enough to take you reyes off her and the Mona Liza-like expression, right on the line between smile and not smile. Nan insisted I use the one at the top as the intro. Below is the one I liked.

We've been to very few haflas or belly dance shows where someone doesn't do something of a sword dance. This time It was Lorelei, who earlier danced with huge fanning wings. I took a few shots, but my favorite by far was her opening stance with the sword – great pose and expression.

Full size color JPGs were given to April so the dancers can get them if they want. I'm posting this right on the tail of the last posting because I have a third coming from this Hafla – April Monique. I know, I know, I've featured B&Ws of April a few times before, but every time she dances I manage to get something good. It'll be interesting to see where all that goes. I'll try to have them done for Saturday, or maybe even Friday. I’ll add all of these to the PDF Local Theater album on the Havre de Grace Street page at that time.