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Playing Catch-up on Rogue Swan Vaudeville Images

Jul 24, 2019

It took a little bit of effort to figure out what happened – here it is almost two months after and I realized I didn't finish my images from the Rogue Swan Vaudeville show at the Opera House at the end of May – by a huge margin. Then it hit me – we both came down with a very bad flu and were sick for over two weeks after the show. During this time I managed to create and post a few images, but by the time we'd recovered, and were faced with First Friday, Pride Day, etc. (not to mention all that's involved in acquiring the new lens I'm so anxious to use), I completely forgot about the rest of the Vaudeville images that I had selected out for B&W work.

So, while I'm catching up on printing orders, and a few freebies for subjects on First Fridays, etc., I'm frantically finishing up on the Rogue Swan images. Don't worry, Katie, they're coming – beginning with this posting, hopefully pretty regular for a while. The upside is that Rogue Swan is preparing a huge Halloween show for October, so I can throw in some reminders as I go. JimmyO did say something about playing Beetlejuice…

The image above is from a musical sketch where the "artist" is posing his subject – Jimmy0 Burril and his wife April Monique. Pretty real in that he's often drawing or painting her. Below is a real oddity


At times the ever-changing stage lighting got totally whacked – at least as far as the camera being able to record what it is seeing. When the lighting turns to almost pure red, or pure blue, the results are almost completely hopeless, especially for B&W. Check out color images of the show on Flickr HERE and you'll see what I mean about the lighting. But this one had some potential, albeit different. The combination of pink light on the background, orange on the foreground and something of a mix in between, made for some interesting separations in B&W. The oramge light did leave detail a little fuzzy, but that actually seemed to help the image more than hurt it. Not the easiest image in the collection – it took the greater part of an afternoon. But it was worth it.

The young lady is Marion Jackson.

SITE UPDATE concerning pricing and Havre de Grace Street (and Rogue Swan) miniatures

Pricing of original prints, on my About the Images page, has been clarified to reflect what I am doing with the Havre de Grace Street series. The first 6.5x8.5 on 8x10 miniature (was 8.5x11 on 11x14) is still free to the subject – with larger prints at half price (to the subject). This applies to any size, framed or unframed. Details below.

I hate to limit the "freebies", and want to play nice with everyone, but this is an act of self preservation spurred by the escalating price of my pigmented inks and paper (now about $100 for a 100ft roll and $100 per ink cartridges, eight of them – that's $900 to mount a new roll of paper and replace all the ink cartridges) and the fact that the very popular Rogue Swan can field up to two dozen performers in one shot. The slight reduction in size – some already indicating that they prefer it – helps by letting me print three across, with the paper and ink that I was using to print two – an expensive sheet of rag board goes a lot further too.

NEW PRICING DETAILS, including guidelines on Street miniatures, as it appears on the About the Images page…

Image Size – may vary slightly in shorter dimension

Original prints (hand printed by myself) are mounted on archival foamcore, matted with 100% rag and framed in Nielsen n93-50 black metal frames. Price without the frame varies from $35 to $50 less, depending on the size.


8.25x11 on 11x14 • $ 100.00

10.5x14 on 16x20 • 135.00

12x16 on 16x20 • 150.00

15x20 on 20x24 • 200.00

18x24 on 24x30 • 275.00

    6.5X8.5 on 8X10 • Miniatures are pretty much limited to my Havre de Grace Street images. I normally do not frame these – putting them into clear plastic sleeves mounted and matted. The first miniature is free to the subject. Any larger framed versions ordered will be half price.

Extra miniature copies (mounted/matted) can be ordered (by or through the subjects) for $20

Miniatures are hinge-mounted, with100% rag mats.

* B&W Rogue Swan Performance images: performance images are available on request to Rogue Swan organization the same as above. If "featuring" one individual, the above also applies to them. The half-price offer (and $20 miniature) holds for any individual(s) in the image who want a copy.