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Surprising Blog STATS – and B&W Fireworks?

Jul 3, 2019

In this Blog entry I take the opportunity to celebrate, 4th of July style, a couple of milestones with the site: in June it hit over 1100 "unique visitors" and the 2,000th digital book version of Se Comio La Luna (the Spanish version of my The Moon has been Eaten) was downloaded. I take a look into the site metrics to see what else I can find… The Blog also serves as something of a project journal for me – one of the reasons I move postings to PDF, for a more permanent record – easy enough and it provides a good summary of at least the Blog postings. The Havre de Grace Street albums will hopefully, down the road, be represented in something of a book, and accompanying PDF version. So I decided to take this opportunity to take stock of where the site/blog is right now. Admittedly this is the first time I've bothered to delve this far into the figures. When I asked Nan for a suggestion for an image with this – she came up withdoing something different, like a B&W fireworks. So I went back to my Easter island exposures and came worked up the image above – a shot of the outdoor stage at the end of Tapati, fireworks time.

Whenever you do a web site, you have access to a lot of information, some of it in convenient charts. All one has to do is figure out how to interpret the numbers. So, as part of my review of the site, here are some figures – focusing on this past May and June. 


The first chart records regular visits to the site while the second records visitors who accessed the site via encrypted sites/links that aren't picked up for the other. Figures for January through April of this year are consistent with figures for the last six years or more. Much of the original following came out of the Easter island project. This May and June things picked up a tad totaling:

1067 "unique visitors" paid 1721 visits in May

1116 "unique visitors" paid 1900 visits in June

I'll admit that I sometimes go a month or two without checking the figures at all, and then simply visitor figures – for years they've been fluctuating between lows of around 200 unique visitors to a little more than 800 a month, depending on whether there is a new book, exhibit, program at the Opera House, etc. One thing that I didn't think changed much over time is some of the downloads figures – but found some real gems there:

Downloaded in May / June:

DIGITAL BOOKS  I optimize them for iPad

     Se Comio La Luna (PDF book - Spanish version of The Moon has been Eaten) – 73 / 83   What the heck?!

Did not see this coming. So I did some deep digging into the statistics and came up with the fact that the Se Comio La Luna downloads are mostly, but not all, coming from Polynesia and Chile, via a direct download link to my file from an encrypted site – not showing up at all in the "visits" STATS. That link generated maybe 15 additional downloads of the book a month for a couple of years, then in February of 2018 jumped to an average of 75 a month. That makes for more than 2,000 copies of Se Comio La Luna downloaded to this point. Cool, but interesting in that on an English language site like mine the Spanish version of a book consistently generates five to ten times as many downloads as the English version. Who is posting this link is a total mystery to me. Nevertheless – maururu, gracias, thank you! You are providing a great service.

     Acadia, a Portrait (PDF book) – 16 / 7

     Looking Back, Thery mue Negative Years (PDF book) – 13 / 4

     The Moon has been Eaten (PDF book) – 3 / 4

     The Moon has been Eaten Volume II (PDF book) – 8 / 4

BLOG ENTRIES ARCHIVED TO PDF – these were a complete surprise

     Easter Island Journal (PDF of Blog Entries beginning '06 involving the Easter Island projecdt) – 5 / 4

     Journal Archive 2013-2016 (PDF of Blog entries) – 14 / 8

     Journal Archive 2017-2018 (PDF of Blog entries) – 13 / 15

ROBERTO PAKOMIO STUFF – gone but not forgotten

     Robeto Pakomio color poster – 0 / 5

     Roberto Pakomio singing Blowin' in the Wind video – 0 / 3 (also on YouTube)

     Roberto Pakomio Mo Tauna Ana Mo Ora video – 0 / 1 (also on YouTube – with over 41,000 views)


     Custom Artists Studio Work Table (How-to PDF) – 6 / 1

     Home Made Mat Cutting System (How-to PDF) – 7 / 2

     Photographing 2-Dimensional Art Behind Glass (How-to PDF) – 2 / 1

I find these figures both surprising and gratifying  The Blog entries themselves, as expected, get most of the traffic. But I'm also a little surprised to find so few people going through the albums on the Havre de Grace Street page.

* FIXED – Easter Island Journal PDF – One bit of feedback I did get, finally, was the fact that my Easter Island Journal PDF was large enough to be a real problem for some people to open directly. So I replaced it with a zipped version – problem solved. I very much appreciate being told when there is any issue with the site…

* CHANGING – Havre de Grace Street page – Beginning with the “Wilde Portrait iPhone Series” I’m converting image albums from past years to optimized PDFs containing the complete (sort of) blog postings (this conversion will take a while). 


I also operate… riverviewgallerymd.com /.net – Here are the recent figures:

May – 528 "unique visitors" paid 968 visits 

June – 584 "unique visitors" paid 979 visits

That's actually pretty heartening to see. Again, this figure just records access to the site by individuals, filtering out bots, etc. These figures have been sliding up over the past year, before which figures of less than half that could mostly be accounted for by actual Gallery members. Links to the Gallery site must be being listed on one or two encrypted sites somewhere because maybe 5% of visitors come in that way (all business, community, etc. sites are encrypted so they can handle financial transactions).

The conclusion I draw from these figures is that the site is overdue for an overhaul and update. Gotta find a way to make it look sexier. Arrrrgh.