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Two Great Duos: Tara and Jesse / Tara and Bre

Jul 27, 2019

I was going to do "Don't Tell Mama" for today but there's still some work to do on those. But not a problem – plenty of others awaiting me, destroyer of all that is color. The image above features Tara Vinson singing "I Found a New Baby" to Jesse Hutchinson. Those two do some great interactive duets – last year we saw them perform their version of "Suddenly Seymour" that was truly great. Tara also played the lead in Sister Act at the Opera House last season.

Above, Tara and Bre Lewis sing "Take Me to Church". Earlier I posted one of my favorite shots of these two, during a dress rehearsal – check out those shadows forming a pattern behind them. I couldn't not go back and do something with it. Now it's a contest as to which one I prefer – the first one is reposted below.

Tonight we're attending the Hafla at the Opera House Black Box. If I can wrangle the niche behind the door, I can finally give my new 50-140 f/2.8 ED lens a test run. That should, hopefully, add even more to my already overwhelming backlog. And then First Friday is looming…