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A Half Dozen More from Rogue Swan Vaudeville

Aug 23, 2019

This bit finally brings me close to the end of B&Ws from Rogue Swan's Vaudeville show in May. Only thing left to do is post four full-stage skit finale images – which I'll probably have to hold back for a couple of postings. I'm anxious to get out again with my new lens – it made a huge difference in the very dimly lit Hafla and I'm chomping at the bit to put it to the test in somewhat brighter light.

In the opening image, above, Katie Gordon dons a floozie dress and sings "Don't Tell Mama", accompanied by some of the girls of Rogue Swan. Half way through, of course, Katie was called away and replaced by Jesse Hutchinson – wearing the same dress. It was a fun part of the show. Again, if anyone wants to see color exposures of the show itself, just go HERE. Me, I prefer to milk the exposures for much more. Jesse and the girls below:

Occasionally I would zoom in on one of, or a couple of, the dancers midst some pretty complex, multi action, stage scenes. Below, Tara and Breshow their stuff.

One of the funnier skits was Jesse failing miserably at clearing some obviously "heavy" boxes from the stage in All by Myself.

I did a little extra vignetting on the final tow images, simply liking the effect. First April Monique, Joanna DiPaola and Marion Jackson singing a great version of "Bugle Boy from Company B". And then April, Bre Lewis, Tara Visnos and MC Carder at the close of a number.

I'll admit that it never occurred to me that I would have so much fun, and get so many B&Ws out of performance shooting. Sure, I did some similar work on Easter Island, but I didn't expect that to lead me to this. Thank you Rogue Swan for the opportunity, and please, please, somehow, get rid of those horriblly monstrous old mics – they're my nemesis when it comes to these.

Oh, and if anyone is reading this who is patiently or impatiently wating for long-promised prints, I will be able to get back to that within the next few days.