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Faces & Moments – and a link to Rogue Swan's upcoming show

Aug 11, 2019

The Rogue Swan vaudeville performance in May provided me with such a gold mine of fun stills to play with in B&W – probably more than I should bother with, but then I do stress the word "fun".  Above is the final punch-line moment in the "When I'm 64" skit (you know, as in "Will you still love me when I'm 64?"). I very much doubt if the expression on the face of the keyboard player in the background was rehearsed, or noticed by most (not me at the time anyway), but it's priceless. He's not even on the program – AJ Loporto. When I first began photographing the group I didn't know any of the names – that took a while. In the meantime I referred to them (to myself and anyone I had to query about anything) as roller skate girl, the diva, the voice, etc. AJ was "stoneface". I don't believe I ever saw an expression on his face other than one of intense concentration. Here – perfect. That's Jesse Hutchinson and MC Carder lying on the floor, fainted after seeing her portrait.

The second image, below, took some real work. Tara Vinson, remember the Nun in Sister Act at the Opera House, is an expressive singer and, accordingly, a pleasure to photograph. Here she is belting out a solo portion of "One Day More". I had to remove a very awkwardly placed JimmyO from the drums, and then find a way to separate the remaining, very busy background – along with the myriad of other adjustments. I hope it was worth it.

The final image is from a spotlighted moment at the far edge of the stage with Tara, April Monique and Katie Gordon. Hallelujah, it was a white light, no cascading pinks, blues and oranges. None of the usual trauma working to squeeze water out of a stone (aka B&W out of a rainbow of colors). Yay. I almost didn't know what to do with all my spare time and nerves. Of course, this posting is being added to the PDF album Local Theater 2019 on the Havre de Grace Street page.

Tickets are now available on the Opera House site for The Strange Case of Rogue Swan. … a spooky Halloween special. Two shows, Friday October 18 and Saturday the 19th. THIS ought to be great Halloween fun. Click on the link or either of the images – their color version or the way I like it – of course – in B&W. Nobody else in the area has what Havre de Grace has, in a lot of ways, and Rogue Swan is near the top of the list – experience it.


Nan likes to sit in the back row to be close to me while I’m shooting – she had me get tickets for both shows already.

Raise you hand if you're going to attend in costume…… we're considering it.

Little Girl, Little Girl, Little Girla mini rant.

I was recently called out, rather strongly, for referring to a performing belly-dancer as a "girl", specifically the "little girl" that, with or whatever… I tend to refer to performers, individually when in a group, as "the tall girl" or the "little girl" or the "short girl" etc. I use this the same way I call the men "guys". Names are preferred, but sometimes one simply needs to use a quick designation as to which person in an image one is referring to. Then, after the last posting "Girls, Girls, Girls!" the noise about this emerged (albeit rather feebly) on Facebook in a couple of places. The fact that some sort of misguided political correctness wants to call people out for this, especially when discussing performers on stage, and vaudeville at that (you know, SHOW GIRLS), is a bridge too far for me. 

So spank me if the young lady dressed as a rag-doll on the floor were a tiny thing and I referred to her as the "little rag-doll girl". I bring all this up to get it off my chest, else I risk overreacting the next time someone brings it up to my face.