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Girls, Girls, Girls! – What would Vaudeville be without the girls?

Aug 9, 2019

Back to the Rogue Swan Vaudeville backlog – and on missing First Friday in August. With B&W one begins with a nice color exposure – or, in this case, exposures saturated with downright horrible coloring that can even have a rainbow effect. Then one tries to visualize something of an image in there somewhere. Often I'm left running for the coffee pot at this point, horrified at the challenge ahead. This posting shows six of the girls of local vaudeville in moments from May's performance.

Above are April Monique, Jessy Gordon and Marion Jackson. I isolated them as all the girls were singing "Hey Big Spender". Below, in order, see Jess Langley, MC Carder and Joanna DiPaola with the parasol.


First this has to be uploaded / then I create a PDF of the posting / then I add it to the PDF album Local Theater 2019 on the Havre de Grace Street page.

On Missing First Friday

In the words of that dastardly villain who almost nobody still alive remembers Snidely Whiplash:  "Curses, foiled again!" (actually gem characters like this have a life nowadays on YouTube), I haven't missed a First Friday in ages, out there with my trusty Fuji. And this time I was ready with my new lens, and wanting to try out my new elbow brace to help hold up the well over four pounds that is the camera, grip and lens over the up to three hours of constant use.

But, alas it wasn't to be. Something came up. But I'll make up for it First Friday in September. In the meantime, I can start off by continuing my catch-up work on the Rogue Swan Vaudeville in May – you know, the images I missed doing when I was sick and then thought I actually had done, arrrgh.

On-line Backup

For years I didn't have any complications with backing up my "Original Exposures" file on line. My iMac sports a 3TB hard drive. But finally even that began to feel cramped – with closing in on 2TB, everything from scans of negatives from film camera exposures to RAW+JPG, and even some video work. So this Spring I moved all of this to an external HD. BUT, that meant the back-up of these files would disappear from the server and I would have to upload the entire 2TB again from the external drive. That took the entire month of July and into August, 24/7 uploading in the background.

On-line backup is actually pretty inexpensive – and free for the type of volume that covers home documents. Being able to access image files from anywhere in the world, from any device, it a big plus. The peace of mind helps too. But, yes, the initial upload can take a while – maybe three weeks a TB on Carbonite. Granted Carbonite is a little slower on initial upload, but it is so much handier in every other feature than some of the copetition that I'll stick with it.

Quickie Elbow Support

This started out a a need for something to support my left elbow, especially after an hour or so of shooting, while using the well over four pounds of camera, grip and 50-140 F/2.8 zoom. First I took a strap off of an old camera bag and tried putting it around my neck and wrapping it around my elbow. This worked, and worked even better when Nan provided the needed extra padding for the part of the strap that pressed against my neck. But it was still pretty uncomfortable.

Then my carrying case came for that monstrosity of a lens – which I'm certainly not going to slip it into a pocket if I decide to switch lenses. So I took that same strap and put it on the large lens case, shortening it up a bit. It actually provides a pretty comfortable extra bit of stabilization/support. Maybe not as much as just a strap arund the elbow, but more than enough, along with leaving me with someplace to put away the lens if I need. As a bonus, in it can be waiting my small, light normal lens – instead of it bulging out one of my pockets.

First friday in August was to be my first foray out with this set-up – when something came up I was double disappointed, to miss one and to not get a chance to try it out.