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Other People's Art and Ezra Berger Painting #2

Aug 30, 2019

I use my Other People's Art section for postings about art we add to our collection. Occasionally we've managed to acquire a considerably older piece by a local artist – anywhere from mining it in a yard sale (man, that can feel good) to finding it on a friend's wall and talking them into parting with it (hopefully for not much more than they paid, or better yet some kind of swap).

Above is our latest, certainly not the easiest, acquisition – a very interesting older work by Ezra Berger to go with the piece we are waiting to pick up from Artists Emporium (that posting is HERE). This one supposedly goes back well over a decade – there's no date on it so it's hard to say. The painting is fantastic, even if the frame that it was in WAS a travesty, bad enough that when we removed it the painting instantly looked even better. A thin, fresh coat of varnish and it looks new. It’s 20x30, which makes it the same height as the 30x48 it will be hung right around the corner from – cool.

As far as a replacement frame goes – Nan decided that it is now my job to cut down to size a top-grade, flat black, 3/8 of an inch front, squared, one inch deep metal frame we have laying around that will give the effect of thin wood strip siding. Not generally a fan of metal frames on paintings, but this works. I have a special jig and hack saw just for this kind of thing – albeit it will take a bit of effort.

Nan thinks the two paintings will go in the Living room – moving a large Jim Hopking into the dining room. The one that the 24x36 Hopkins painting will replace is Nan's, so it can go back in her studio. That leaves only one more coming out of the living room to find a place for. But, hey, this is the kind of problem that's fun solving – very new painting creates these kinds of issues. The orientation on this one will be perfect for it.

NOW, if only Ezra would have a date for us – and if there is a title and/or name……

P.S. I’ll update this posting with a photo of them hanging, and post a link, when we get them hung.