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Yay, We Purchase a Painting – an Other People's Art posting

Aug 18, 2019

First, a confession: we almost didn't attend Ezra Berger's opening reception at the Artists Emporium Friday evening. It had been a long day and we were thinking that we could simply go see the show over the weekend. But since we were still dressed, and it was less than a mile from the house, we went. Good darn thing.

We collect art, specifically our favorite pieces from local artists – sometimes this takes a while to zero in on one. While we have quite a collection, we haven't found a major painting that we wanted to add in well over a decade. But the drought is over – the painting above, Jazz Band, very fortunately, has our name on it now. I say fortunately because we have learned over the years to not quibble, pace and think or ponder the matter at receptions – inevitably someone beats you to the punch. It's a competition, one has to be able to project quickly as to what the decision will most likely be and jump. We realized this after losing out on one too many opportunities and going home feeling dejected.

So within minutes of arriving, maybe thirty seconds after standing in front of it, we went and got a red dot put on this one for us – within just few more minutes we were offered an $80 profit to let a very disappointed couple have it.

Nan is extremely tickled about this – this is our first work from Berger, he's local, does some fun stuff, makes certain people's heads explode (all good things) and she's having a ball working out where to put it. It probably means shifting around some Dave DeRan and Jim Hopkins paintings, maybe even a Mary Woodward. Heck, it looked a tad smaller on that big wall, but the darn thing is a humongous 30x48 inches – by a slight margin our largest painting.

A second confession – if we'd had the time I thought of having someone else actually make the purchase for us as a way to mess with Robert. I mean, it's just so much fun having some people continue to dislike you.