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April and Marion – A shutter-hold sequence

Sep 27, 2019

One of the more fascinating things about this show is going to be the stuff going on in the background while everyone is concentrating on the action center stage – the type of stuff you catch in movies the second or third time around. This is an example, April and Marion rehearsing their role back in stage-left corner. I was playing around with holding the shutter down for more than just two or three shots at 8 frames per second, looking for sequences. I even tried an animated GIF of this, but it didn't ring my bell at all. So, I thought I'd make a separate posing out of them and save the rest from that evening for another posting.

The main difference betwee the last two exposures is April's eyes:

A Couple of Notes on this Mini Project

It's interesting, hard work and fun committing myself to shooting the full rehearsal schedule leading up to the actual shows this time around. It looks like I'll be able to pretty much make them all – except for a couple of the smaller sessions in cast members's homes and othe one many major rehearsal sessions this coming Saturday. But there will plenty of chances to make up for that – but I'm hitting so many that missing one makes me feel guilty, sorry.

I'm also working on doing something up with performance video this time around. I can have a camera shooting the stage in 4K (needed for zooming in edit) for an entire show. Beforehand, at dress rehearsal, I can work in some close-up clips. Then I now have a partner in this who will take everything and then edit, combine, zoom, etc. and create a nice HD record of the event. This leaves me free to work on my B&Ws – and he'll do a better job than I could on the editing to boot.

More Site Notes

While there are a number of frustrations with the mechanics of Blogs, above and beyond regular web work, the one that I find the most frustrating is in the size/dimension issue with the featured image atop postings. No problem whatsoever if you are willing to use all horizontal or all vertical images. But since settings apply to all postings, and if you are like me and insist on varying which perspective you want to use at the top of the posting, some sacrifices have to be mede. In the case of this Blog, I simply decided to let the verticals come in a little (lot) oversized. Beginning with this posting though – and effecting previous postings of course – I've narrowed the entire thing down by about 40 pixels. That seems to take the edge off when viewed on a computer and not hurt it too much on a small laptop, iPad or phone. Naturally, by narrowing the posting by even a few pixels, meant a trip back into a year's worth of postings to correct any instances of side-by-side images that got displaced. Fun stuff.