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Faces of Bre – a featured singer rehearses

Sep 23, 2019

Some people have expressive faces. And if that same person can sing, and Bre really can, it can make for some interesting shots. I fired away at her at the last rehearsal – really looking forward to this in the show.

This time with Rogue Swan's Bre Lewis, even with horrible lighting and atrocious background, I still wound up with far too many exposures I like. I laboriously whittled them down to twelve and then called Nan in to help – you know, for the woman's understanding of what another woman wouldn't want to be seen in their picture even if everone else likes it. That way I got it to six.

So, starting with the image above, this is Bre rehearsing one of the numbers from the upcoming Halloween show in October. This is going to be so good – and I have to try and enjoy it while hefting 4.5 pounds of camera and lens the whole time and looking through the viewer.

The other five:

Remember, tickets for the October 18 and 19 shows are avaialble HERE on the Opera House site. Also note, their site is kinda squirrelly right now in that the listing only shows the 28th date until you click to see more and then you will be able to purchase tickets to either, or both dates. And this will be the most ambitious stage set we’ve seen yet.