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Honestly, it was NOT the Coffee and Hanging our Ezra Berger Painting – a Tale

Sep 18, 2019

Rogue Swan rehearses for their upcoming Halloween show at the Opera House after hours at Concord Point Coffee in town. Out of context, without costumes – I couldn't resist making a connection to too much coffee.

Rehearsals are hitting one after another now, keeping me a little busy. And, of course, some of my favorite shots are "verboten" because they might just give too much away. But that's OK. Below see James and Katie try to keep ghoulish on, and failing miserably, while rehearsing a scene – I really like this one.

Finally, before my own tale of horror, a shot of April – being April. Yes, this stuff seems to come much more naturally to her than the others, I guess it's all that Chain Saw Sally stuff. I added the heavy vignetting again for accent. Her expression hangs right on the edge of "come hither" and "you'd better run for your life".


We know from experience that purchasing a work of art can have a domino effect when it comes to where to hang or place the piece. Our recent purchase of the 30x48 inch Ezra Berger painting is proving the extreme of that rule. Especially true in that we are believers in the philosophy that one does NOT "decorate" and then acquire art to match. We acquire art that we want and then do whatever it takes, including changing everything else, to accomodate it. Hence, sometimes it's like dominos falling. Tam at RiverView suggested I include this little tale in a posting, so case in point:

1- The 30x48 Ezra Berger painting we just brought home would fit but one wall, behing the sofa in the living room (to be honest, on that large gallery wall I originally estimated it at around 24x30 and had a different spot in mine). This painting is different for us, except for some of my B&W work, we haven't been big on art that features people – so the subject matter contributed to the issues, along with size, color, overall darkness, etc.

2- This displaced a 24x36 Jim Hopkins landscape that we moved into the Dining Room

3- That displaced one of Nan's larger paintings that moved to the far wall replacing a smaller Hopkins painting (we have a few)

4- That painging was moved into a connected hallway

5- This also made the painting around the corner from the large Hopkins painting in the dining room not work there at all (one of Nan's that I consider "mine") and we replaced it with an abstract by Hopins to that spot, making the dining room mostly a Hopkins room

6- The large, very red, Berger painting in the living room changed the whole room – moving us to acquire another Berger painting, smaller, for around the corner, which displaced the only large B&W of mine that we had hanging downstairs.

7- Then the lighting from the short lamp in that corner just plain sucked (I hated it anyway). We had to finally put a pole lamp there with a double light. Now both paintings look right. 

8- We don't mind paintings without frames, but since the large Berger is now our only one without, a very narrow black rim frame is needed to make it work. Ouch, coming next month

9- There's more – the livingroom curtains, somewhat patterned, no longer work at all. We had some solid drapes we could move to substitute that do work, but had to order sheer panels to go between them.

10- The painting of Nan's that I consider "mine"? We moved it into our bedroom, requiring moving the feather painting it displaced to over the chest of drawers, replacing one of my old darkroom prints, moving it to another side of the room replacing a Hopkins watercolor that can be put in storage or easily moved. 

11- Still one issue: I would really like to find somewhere downstairs to hang one of our favorites of my own work!

Of course, in this entire process, I was the one working up a sweat moving everything hither and yon so Nan could step back and take a look, make me step back, look and give my opinion, and then do it all over again somewhere else. All this took the better part of three days and I don't even want to think about how much money. The icing on that cake is that now Nan has decided that the wall table in the living room is too deep and that that table belongs in the dining room, where it will be moved to make room for the Christmas tree anyway. I did talk her into waiting until after Christmas to replace it. Small favors.


The Havre de Grace Street page has morphed into a more inclusive Blog Album page for related Blog postings gathered into PDF albums. This is pretty simple and quick. At the same time I have created a Havre de Grace folio page, to include my favorite images from my Havre de Grace blog postings – needs a lot of work. At the top for now:

"This page is under construction as I review my Blog images from the last couple of years, selecting those to be featured here and from which to draw on for a book and/or exhibition of my favorite images from the project. A similar long torturous process to the one I endured, and subjected Nan to, with the Easter Island project. Available print sizes are listed with each image."

Layout and arrangement are still pretty much up in the air. In tandum I have begun laying out both a digital book and HB book file for my Havre de Grace Street work. I'm selecting the images and making them print-ready. Eventually the digital book will be posted for download. The print book may simply be an order-only thing, I just don't know yet. This is a long process and I'm leaving it pretty open-ended as to exactly where it will lead. The site changes though will facilitate the process.

We all know that the "best-laid plans of mice and men" have a tendency to "gang aft a-gley" (go oft awry). But I'm working on it…