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I Take it That's NOT Love Potion Number 9

Sep 14, 2019

Both images today feature L.H James – obviously enjoying his gruesome role in Rogue Swan's upcoming Halloween show/musical at the Opera House. At this point in rehearsals they're working sans props, costumes and stage lighting. So I thought I'd add a little vignetting for effect. Evedently that's an imaginary bottle of something he’s mixing – and hardly Love Potion Number 9. I expect that by First Friday in October many of the cast will be out in full costume promoting the show.

There were supposed to be a couple of more images here – but I was asked to hold them back as giving something away. Darn. They’re already done, and fit in, so I set them aside to add as an update so they make it to the Album for all this on the Havre de Grace Street page after the Performances.

There’s another rehearsal this Sunday in multiple rooms – that might produce some moments.

Sunday is also the day we finally pick up our Ezra Berger painting from The Artists Emporium. We'll hang it and then I'll update its Other Peoples Art posting.

Again – tickets for the two performances can be purchased from the Opera House site HERE.

If you are interested in the saturday show, don't be discouraged if only the Friday date is listed – as soon as you click to purchase tickets you will be find that there really are two performance dates. It seems there is a little glitch in their site right now.

Havre de Grace Street Albums Update

I realize that my old Album system on the Havre de Grace Street page was nice, but it got to be far too much work. My solution was to simply gather related postings together in PDF format. This admittedly makes for a little bit of a mess, with redundant headings, etc.

Beginning with the "Closed Albums" I'm cleaning these PDF albums up by removing extra headings and even some unrelated text, etc. I'll be working on the "Open" Albums as I move foreward. Anyone interested in intact postings can find them on the Archive page (now on multiple pages) where there are PDFs containing way-back postings.

Rogue Swan Halloween will of course have its own album on the Havre de Grace Street page – along with any rehearsal images posted. Since the rehearsal postings are running pretty close together, and the performance is only two days in October, I'll hold off until after the actual performances putting together the postings into a PDF.