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Introducing More Halloween Cast Members – Mya, Jesse, Mary Kate, Lilli

Sep 6, 2019

It's still early in the rehearsal cycle – a good opportunity to introduce cast members as they are called in. A couple of names missing this time around – Tara, for one, is in New York and will be missed. But there are new faces. Above, the newest and youngest addition to Rogue Swan – Mya. I've seen a number of these dancers to splits on the floor – but in the air!? Amazing.

Below, Jesse with reading glasses so he can read his lines, works on "I'm pure evil……"

Next, Mary Kate working on bringing out her inner zombie.

Last today is Lilli – manages the group plus takes part in some of the numbers. Check out the tones in the hair. Back in the days of black and white movies, the majority of women in movies were red heads – nothing translates to B&W with quite as much punch as red hair.

Not exactly a rehearsal shot, but I can't leave out Mary Kate and Jesse, a couple, between scenes.

Again, tickets are available from the Opera Huse site HERE