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Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Sep 29, 2019

In the image above Katie and April are wearing wearing very appropriate shirts to rehearse in. That's Marion on the right. Nan and I ordered our own skeletal Rogue Swan shirts – waiting for them to come in. Below, Katie, projecting a scary face (sorry Katie, not scary enough without the makeup on) leads one of the dance numbers. One thing I’ve noticed is that only a couple of the cast can pull off looking scary without the help of some serious makeup work

One funny moment was near the end of the session, after two solid hours of strenuous rehearsal, Katie, still going strong, notices that everyone else is slowing down a tad and getting tired. She's like the energizer bunny.

Finally below, the shot of April and Marion from after the sequence in the last posting. It's the one I was actually after. Bring the kids to this show, they are really going to enjoy it – a lot of the numbers are a lot of fun. Tickets HERE.

Saturday I took a few very cool shots from a practice makeup session. I hope Lilli gives me the go-ahead to post them. We have First Friday coming up – crossing my fingers and toes for good weather. Rogue Swan will be performing a couple of numbers from the show – a little ways before Halloween, but around here it seems to start early anyway.