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Playing Chess in Front of Concord Point Coffee on First Friday – HCC Fighting Owls Mascot – Not Just a Pretty Face

Sep 12, 2019

Granted, we've had a bit of bad luck with First Fridays this season – hey, it's the weather. This one was no exception, although there were a couple of fun bands, along with the always good food. We tried the hamburger "sliders" from the not quite ready fro prime time Abbey Burger Bistro (slated to open soon). But they did set up a booth. A welcome touch for us because the sliders come in pairs – one enough for each of us. And actually the best burger we've had on First Friday – cool.

Right out of the starting gate I grabbed the shot above – adding it to a growing series of chess game shots. Later he seemed to notice the camera and posed, but I do prefer me my on the sly candids. Admittedly, I had to look him up – Harford Community College’s Fighting Owls Mascot “Screech” getting his own game on.

No drum circle, always a center of attraction. A lot of booths missing due to frar of rain. Joseph's Department Store sponsored band was The 8Trax, featuring for a lead singer one very little girl with one very big voice – pictured below. They managed to keep a pretty large crowd in front of them.

Props to the cat-adoption center now set up during First Fridays in the Corporate Center right across from Concord Point Coffee. I don't know if they managed to place any this time, but they always have a great selection. We certainly are not in the market for a cat right now, but they had a gray there named Bernie who whad a lot of personality. And if you like black cats – well, they have a surplus of those beauties right now.

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