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The Strange Case of Rogue Swan – A pre-Halloween look at some of the cast… Katie, April, Marion, Bre and Jason

Sep 2, 2019

Once again I'm shooting some of the rehearsals for Rogue Swan's upcoming show – this time two Halloween themed performances in October. I'm sending the color exposures on to Lilli, so some of them will probably appear on Facebook from that end. Me, I just want to play around with my B&Ws.

The new 50-140 f2.8 zoom (75-213 equivalent) is making something of a difference – lighting and mobile subjects can be problematic, and the 55-200 f3.5-4.8 (85-305 eq.), while zooming in a little further, loses aperture settings as it zooms. Result – I can work with lower ISOs and a little faster shutter speeds. For the actual performance I'll likely have both lenses, each mounted on its own camera.

Early rehearsals are, naturally, a little awkward. Dancers are learning their steps, there's a lot of video taking, watcing, correcting, repeating, etc. For this show there's, naturally, some concentration on trying to look scary, or ghoulish. So I thought I'd start introducing some of this season't cast – all rehearsal images are run past Lilli before posting. Naturally I think everything looks better in B&W. While I do like to strive for classic b&W imagery, sometimes one just has to have a little fun with the medium.

While scary and threatening looks come naturally so some of the cast, others are going to need some serious assistance. In the shot above Katie works with Marion and April on their poses. April is an old hand at Halloween stuff, and is guaranteed to provide some great images. But how in the world are they going to make Marion look scary. Below? Then again, she is something of a chameleon:

Bre, below, is another one – just look at that face, I can't wait to see how they un-cute that up.

I photographed Bre in the Vaudeville show earlier in the year – Sometimes I get so busy doing these that I don't have time right away to reflect on what I have. Later, looking back, I find favorites that I can't wait to do something with it – this is one of those, Bre is playing the keyboard and singing a duet with Tara. A Halloween show might make for some fun imaging, but I doubt if I'll get anything like this.

Finally for today, a natural for the show, Jason. It was a 10a.m. rehearsal (boy am I glad there aren't any more of those) and Jason came in looking like I felt as I chugged my coffee. Jason was the lead singer in one of the best performances ever to hit the Opera House – Wind Up Toy, Alice Cooper Tribute Show. He's featured in two of my all time favorite performance shots, both of which I've printed, also shown here – the full-stage shot is one of the few of my own pieces I hang at home. 


I can't wait to see what they have him doing this time around. And yes, I am holding some images back. First, the B&Ws take time and effort. And then there's that I would prefer to post pre-performance shots fewer at a clip because that way I can Facebook more of them. This is going to be one fun show. Get your TICKETS now, and definitely bring the kids. Follow Rogue Swan on Facebook if you insist on color preview images – although sometimes Lilli actually converts them to B&W. I see color as an eliminatable type of noise that only clouds an image. Hopefully Thursday some more of the cast.