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Our Lady of Mt. Carmel ceremony on Easter Island

Oct 27, 2020

This is July, 2009 – the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel ceremony on Easter Island. The statue of Mary is carried, accompanied by much singing in Rapanui, from the church down to the water, where the Priest and the statue are taken in a boat around the Island to give the annual blessing.

The priest in the picture is Bernardo Astudillo Basulto, the first native Rapanui to become a Catholic Priest. He was assigned to the Island while we were there. The image above is the crowd leaving the church. By the time the procession reached the water it was much larger. The second image (probably not destined for the "folio", is the small boat leaving for the very long trip around.

We were fortunate to have friends on the Island who would make sure to let us know when something like this was coming up. When one doesn't speak the native language(s) one must find ways of finding out what is happening other than just making sure to walk into town every day that you can – which also helps. Opening image added to Page 10 of the Easter Island folio HERE.