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Roberto, Yvonne y Patiri

Oct 20, 2020

A short posting. I’ve been sitting on this image for quite a while. It was taken as part of a series requested by Roberto Pakomio in 2008. I was given complete freedom to use any of the exposures, some of which appear in the blog and books. In 2009 we attended the christening of the little boy – Patiri (Thunder). But by 2010 Roberto and Yvonne were separated and she had gone back to the mainland with Patiri to live. Then when Roberto drowned, I just sort of left a large number of exposures that include Roberto out of the mix.

Recently I’ve been working some of them up. This one is priceless: Roberto was applying Takona to himself and Yvonne – she wasn’t Rapanui but was absorbing herself somewhat into the culture (on the Island it’s almost impossible to resist). I circled down lower in the cave area and grabbed this shot. Now I’m thinking that Yvonne or Patiri might like to have a copy. It doesn’t take much time for images of people to take on more or new meaning.

Again, the version in the Easter Island Folio is a little more effective – HERE on page 10. I’m definitely getting near the end, and have no idea how close I’ll come to filling this last folio page.