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Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend and Co-worker

Oct 7, 2020

Not the blog posting I had ready, or one I wanted to make. In 1979 – lets not count how many years have flowed under that bridge – Peggy Loftus, a co-worker who bacame a friend of the family, wanted me to do a formal portrait of her. More than that, she wanted to look glamorous. After four or five rolls of Plus-X, I came up with this. She was happy, and I was relieved. I was strictly the b&w, tripod scenics guy at the time. The occasional grab-shot portrait was it. I can’t remember before or evey since setting up lights, etc. for a formal sitting. I’ve even been known to call in friends who specialize in that sort of thing to fill in for me.

Good memory. Peggy passed last week-end. Hers will make for a couple funerals, along with two weddings, we’ve had to miss since covid lockdown. Life is stressful enough, this adds feelings of guilt to that burden. One feels like they are abandoning everyone.

While this is certainly not the image of Peggy that Nan or I would choose to remember her by, I do think it is the one she would want posted.