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Two from the Tapati Rapanui Opening Ceremony 2008

Oct 8, 2020

Two additions to the Easter Island folio. These, like some others of these late additions, are more along the lines of images that, looking back, some on and off the Island might find interesting. The intro image shows the then Governor of the Island performing the ceremonial food presentation to the elders of the community. The second shot, below, shows the Mayor of Hanga Roa, the only town on the Island, posing with that year’s three Tapati Queen Candidates – Lucy, on the left, would go on to win.

As with a vast majority of my group images, I took this one slightly off to the side from where the local photographer was standing. I had an opportunity to pose everyone for a direct shot, but didn’t, having always simply hated the formal, posed look. Maybe I just want to add a touch of the grab-shot to it, I’m not sure. I’ll pose thme if I have to, but if I get a chance like this, I’ll grab it every time. Maybe it’s the little added story to the image that I like.