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Addressing a Request, and a Suggestion – and a Herculean Effort to Fix a Horrible Exposure of a Great Family Gathering

Nov 14, 2020

As I progress with my Easter Island folio expansion, I'm adding something to the structure. After all, the scope and size of the filio is becoming considerable. It's not a huge shift. Spurred to action by requests, I have gone through and gathered a couple of groups of images into separate pages. All Tapati Rapanui images can now be viewed on their own page(s). The other request that I've had is to expand the collection of images of Roberto Pakomio and put them out as a PDF book, so I've begun that process by treating those images the same way. See the Easter Island Folio main page for links.

It's possible that the formation of aggregate collections will initiate even more additions – I'm open to requests. I'm not sure exactly how or if this will evolve, all I know is that I'm kinda having a ball with it. A few more coule easily be added to these three…

The intro image was grabbed with Nan's little point-and-shoot, with flash, as a jpg at Antonia and Fillepe's anniversary celebration in 2009. It was a great moment, but grossly underexposed – something next to impossible to fix from a jpeg. After a considerable amount of manipulation this is what I came up with, consoling myself with the old axiom that a flawed image of something worth shooting is preferable to perfect exposure of something not worth the effort.


Apple has not only moved to a completely new operating system – OS11 – but has reimagined their machines with a new processor. Result: transition nightmares for those of us who rely heavily on a variety of complex applications. I passed on Catalina, the first time for me to do this, because it would have messed up some vintage plugins that I rely on. Now, since my laptop is too old to be supported for the new Big Sur system – and I don't risk messing things up for me on my big machine without testing out everything on the laptop first – I've ordered the new MacBook Air. Why the Air? Because, while I need one, I basically hate laptops, use them minimally and the new Air is still 5 to 10 times the computer that my present laptop is. And it's not very expensive. It arrives November 19, when a solid week of software and plugin testing begins. Then we'll see about upgrading my "beast" from Mojave to Big Sur.