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Kai Kai Class, Jacobo inside Rano Kau and Roberto being Roberto – more for the Easter Island Folio

Dec 15, 2020

Three unrelated stand-alone images. Above is my b&w rendition of a portrait of the Kai Kai class on the grounds of the Museo. A few minutes later I took the image I used in The Moon has been Eaten – Kai Kai Girls. Naturally I turned over a selection of the better exposures, color jpegs, to the Museo, as well as to Helga along with those from the rest of the trip before we left.

Maybe it's because my concentration on b&w makes me less concerned with retaining sole ownership of the color jpegs, or simply because, especially when it comes to images including people, I feel that something of the original exposures belongs equally to the subjects. Or both. Shooting digital has provided an opportunity to provide a service at the same time I'm accruing images (the initial 10% of the work in working up a b&w fine print image).

I'm actually surprised and confused by how closely most artists guard their copyrights. Heck, even with my finished product b&w images, while I prefer being asked first, I'm almost always happy to grant rights to use them (except for unrelated commercial purposes).

Back to today's selection. The first of the two images below was taknen early on, in 2006, with Nan's very small point-and-shoot. Very low resolution and in jpeg to boot. It took a lot of work, as well as interpolation, to get to this. But it's a good shot of Jacobo – probably grabbed by Nan – near the bottom as he escorted us down into Rano Kau. Judge in Hanga Roa, Jacobo served on the Esmeralda in his youth, finished college and became a teacher, and served as the first Rapanui Governor of Easter Island.

Jacobo Hey Paoa is the man you see if you have a serious problem that needs solving – he was indispensable to us a couple of times. Just try and tell me he doesn’t look just like some Moai heads.

The final image, from a jpeg taken with the original iPhone, and evidently a little shaky, was also quite tricky to work on. Here Roberto, filling in when the waiter/waitress of the day failed to show up, put on an apron and struck a pose with Nan while waiting on our table. 

As always, they appear larger and look best in the folio: Page 10