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Sunset behind the Three Motu – from the western side of Rano Kau

Dec 7, 2020

I was busy mining my Easter Island exposures for more "people" images when Nan spotted the original of this scene – and said she wanted me to work it up as a b&w. We had hiked to the "other” (south-eastern) side of Rano Kau, rarely visited. It's kind of a scary cliff overlook, but good for watching sunsets. This one was totally muted and clouded over until, with everything almost completely dark, the clouds in front of the sinking sun shifted, for this effect.

The three motu are, left to right: Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao. Image ddded to page 10 of the Easter Island Folio where they show larger, better and downloadable.

Needless to say, if Nan wants it, Nan gets it.


Nan and I share a Facebook page. One of the reasons for this is that I almost never go there, and then only to make blog-posting announcements. Another is that she likes it that way – a good reason. Messages come through to both of us, although Nan sees most of these long before I would. Same thing with friend requests, etc. So there may be delays.

I do try to keep up with Instagram, but it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. It's easier when I'm doing new local work, but gets skipped a lot lately working on the additions to the Easter Island folio. I keep intending to do better at that. My only excuse is that I work primarily from the computer, which isn't permitted with Instagram – requiring me to move images to my phone or iPad and work from there.