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Three Charcoal Drawings by Roberto Pakomio

Dec 11, 2020

Continuing to add images to the Island Folio that, while not potential exhibit images, might have other uses, especially to someone on the Island, I'm including these three images. Roberto Pakomio had me photograph these drawings for including on my Easter Island Journal at the time – I believe he used one as a CD cover. If I ermember correctly, they were all between 8.5x11 and 11x14 inches.

That was back when images uploaded from the Island had to be very small. I've cleaned the pictures up a bit and made them higher resolution. Having no idea where the originals are, or even if they still exist, I think it important to get these out. I was careful here to include the entire sheet of paper in the view, keep the contrast down to actual, and clean up as little as possible. If anyone on the Island wants high resolution files, just email me for them.

They have been added to page 10 of the Easter Island Folio, as well as the Roberto Pakomio page. There they show up closer to their full glory.