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Three More Parade Prep Portraits from Tapati Rapanui 2007

Dec 30, 2020

Final posting of 2020. Three grab-style portraits from the prep-session for the parade, where everyone was getting outfitted and painted. the featured image was taken in extremely harsh lighting, adding to the something of a charcoal drawing effect. Man, I love this guy's hair. Again, I have no namese, and would be soooooo appreciative for help there.

Update: I have been informed that this gentleman’s name is (or rather was) Matunga

The next two exposures were very, very low resolution jpg files – telling me that Nan must have taken the originals with her little point-and-shoot. I like them enough that I decided to suffer the slings and arrows of working them into usable b&w files – torture. Both had to be interpolated about 300 percent. And then, not being RAW files, there was no ability to do much in the way of exposure correction to parts of the images. The results add something to the collection though.

Best veilde on page 11 of Easter Island Folio (these are also on the Tapati Rapanui 2007 page).

Out of all the exposures in the Easter Island folio, maybe a half dozen now are from Nan's exposures (including a couple in the books). She says she considers herself my "assistant" at such times and doesn't need credit – but she definitely gets both credit, along with the blame for not shooting RAW.