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Two of my "Grab" Portraits from the Tapati 2007 opening Ceremony and Roberto Pakomio waving at the end of his performance

Dec 22, 2020

Three more for the Easter Island Folio. I confess to not having names for the first two images. They were faces that caught my attention at the opening ceremonies for Tapati Rapanui 2007 – our first. The gentleman above was simply walking around the fringes at the time. Update: Helga has identified him as "Acterama Huki".

The lady below, showing off a carved rei miro necklace, was minding a booth of work for what was the first actual contest in the competition for Tapati Queen. Update: Helga says she knows the lady pictured here with the contageous smile as “Motore”. 

Below I zoomed in, cropped considerably and interpolated to show Roberto Pakomio waving his farewell at the end of his performance on stage the next to last evening of Tapati. I thought it a fitting addition to his separate folio section.

These three have opened Page 11 of the Easter Island Folio, and have been added to their respective subgrouping.

Presently trying to finish up what I have of Roberto, Tapati 2007 and Tapati 2008. That should keeep me busy for a couple/few weeks.