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Shooting in the Dark – Havre de Grace Mardi Gras

Feb 28, 2020

Of all the night parades in this town, Mardi Gras is always the darkest to try to shoot. I'm not sure which approach to fixing this would be better, some form of spotlighting or working out imaginative lighting on the floats themselves. But something should probably be tried. 

I managed to take a few shots – all of them at an equivalent of ISO 25600. I just do that my own way, shooting at 6400 and, even at that, underexposing by from 2 to 2.5 stops. Instead of winding up with a disgusting amount of noise, I end up with – by correcting the underexposure my own way – something of the same grain effect I used to get with Tri-X film pushed to ISO 800 (without actually introducing grain).

My goal of course is to add to my collection of Havre de Grace street images. The one image from this collection that I see as doing that is the intro shot – The Society of Italian American Businessmen (a very community conscious local nonprofit civic group). Especially at Mardi Gras they like to don hats, coats and cigars for visual effect. In colder weather it's all long overcoats.

Here are a couple, few more:

I’m playing around with a couple of ideas for coming up with a slightly raised perch from which I can get a couple of good all-inclusive angles.