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First Friday in October 2019, Oops – I found an unpublished posting…

Apr 20, 2020

I just discovered this unpublished posting from last October. I was concentrating so hard on putting the Rogue Swan eBook together that I simply forgot about it, leaving the "Draft" button on this checked. So, especially since there ain't hardly anything happening right now, and the intro image just might bring a smile to someone's face, I'm altering the text and posting it now – in April, only six months late.

I ran into the character above outside the State Theater. When he noticed my camera pointed at him, he started moving towards me.

I’ll get these four shots added to the First Friday album soon. I’m getting quite a collection… 

The shot of the kids dancing was taken after dark – it took a little work to bring it out.

Cliff Giles was back with his drum circle, one of the more looked forward to features of First Fridays. When things start up again, I hope he’s back.