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Jul 3, 2020

Originally mine was only going to be a PDF eBook for the Rogue Swan people, and myself of course. After all, this was a major mini-project. I put that together and posted it for download by anyone who wanted it. By the way, it was also downloaded a goodly number of times from outside the area, and even country. Then Nan decided she wanted me to morph that into a formal, hard-bound book for a 55th anniversary present (ok, we married a little young). So I did it right, making some major changes and then having it printed by the only service I know that does quality b&w – in spite of their very scary pricing (there is one other outfit that does that kind of quality a little cheaper, but with a 25 copy minimum, ouch). The paper and ink used are the same as I use for my original prints.

When the file was ready I conveniently received a very rare sale offer that enabled me to order two for a total of $380. That’s “only” $105 for the second one – and that goes to Katie Gordon at Rogue Swan to show our appreciation for the opportunity.

The Strange Case of Rogue Swan has been added to my BOOKS page, along with a link to its own page. Its 10x10114 pages and 147 of the images, a number of which are two-page spreads. This is meant to be an edition of two – although if anyone connected to the project wants one at cost I would oblige ($275). But I do believe it worth listing as one of my books.

Rogue Swan themselves have made something similar/different out of my images from this project – more along the scrapbook line, a well done, well printed, hard bound, gorgeous (and more fun) volume – put together by Lilli Burril. Subtitled: A Visual Chronicle of the Making of an Original Musical. They gave me one signed by as many of the cast as they could under present day circumstances. It is definitely a coffee table book – built to be passed around and looked at. And it’s a full 12x12 inches.

Using my images (yay) it celebrates a performance that will be remembered by those fortunate (and wise) enough to witness it. Partly because of Rogue Swan and the Opera House, Havre de Grace rocks.