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an Other People's Art posting – JimmyO Burril totes

Aug 21, 2020

We have a lot of family, both going down and sideways – the up direction pretty much ends with us now. This makes for a need at Christmas and birthdays for gifts to get for people who are, at this point, a heck of a lot better off than us – those folk for whom an imaginative economy present is more thab fine. We solve the problem by beginning early in the year and looking for meaningful and/or fun gifts. This has the added benefit of leaving us the ability to spend perhaps more than is wise where it is needed.

Recently Nan ordered one of local artist JimmyO Burril's tote bags from here: https://society6.com/s?q=Jimmyo&context=Jimmyo. Not original pieces but they turned out to be surprisingly heavy duty, well printed totes, nice enough for gifts. We immediately ordered a pair as a birthday gift for our eldest daughter who is in the process of moving to Wisconsin – the one pictured here with April on it and one sporting a very frightening clown (her thing). She was ecstatic. Now we've put in an order for three more for Christmas gifts – great for giving full of lesser goodies.

Again these things are quite well made – and here in town, we have JimmyO to sign them. Note: a home made cookie or two helps there.

We generally prefer going for original art pieces, but we're having fun with these.

Now, maybe I can get back to expanding my Easter Island folio, as well as sprinkling a couple of missed images into the Havre de grace folios – those efforts are not quite finished with….