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Havre de Grace Street and Performance – On the Eve of Lockdown

Aug 14, 2020

From mid-2016 through early 2020 our town of Havre de Grace has been my focus. And I thoroughly expected to continue through this year – with a couple of small exceptions, this wasn't to be. I've now had an opportunity to organize this work into folios, joining those from past projects.

On the Home Page, the FOLIOS link leads to a listing of all my my posted folios, including the new selections. wThe Havre de Grace Street and Performance link is a direct gateway to the various category folios connected with my Havre de Grace Street project. Those are listed (and linked) here, below:

• First Fridays

• Town Events

• Wilde iPhone Window Portrait Series

• Everything Else Street

• Moonshine Hafla

• Rogue Swan

• Other  Wind Up Toy, Duke Thompson, Virginia Wolf

These folio galleries, as with my other folios – except for the Strange Case of Rogue Swan gallery, are selections of my favorite images. That one, because of the nature of the project, simply scratches the surface – there a link is provided to the pdf eBook with over 140 images.

I have made sure to include, with each gallery, the following notice:

7x9 original print, matted 8x10, free on request to subjects (12x16 discounted)