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The new Havre de Grace Artist Registry, uncomplicated and direct – just what is needed

Aug 1, 2020

Wow, another off-topic posting – the new Havre de Grace Artist Registry, accessed through hdgartscollective.org, is just getting up and running. Usually when I see one of these I close my eyes and look for a brick wall to bang my head against. Just check out the Maryland State Arts Council Artists Directory and you will see what I mean – what a freaking nightmare to navigate. But this one is evidently being put together by someone with an eye to making the site user friendly.

At this point there are only a handful of artists registered, so get busy folks. the lady in charge is there to answer questions and I'm sure will address the inevitable complications (always there with artists). Access the form here: https://hdgartscollective.org/havre-de-grace-artist-registry-2/havre-de-grace-artist-registry/ and start filling it in – changes can be made at any time.

I see this fast becoming the go-to place to check our local artists, find web sites, identify galleries and make contact. And talk about brand new, here's the list as of today – time to get your name on there…

Simply be ready with one large image and a couple of small ones. I wasn't ready with the small ones, so left them for later. The short bio section can be used to describe one's web site and/or blog where there is room for all the information one wants to put out there. They also give a prominent link to one's web site.

Now all I have to do is get Nan motivated to register……