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Ahu Akivi Restoration 50th Anniversary

Sep 22, 2020

In 2010 we were invited to attend a 50th Anniversary celebration of the restoration of Ahu Akivi. There are seven Moai on Ahu Akivi, representing the explorers who brought word back to the original settlers that they had found them a home. They are, by far, not the largest Moai on the Island, and they sit farther inland than most. We’ve seen photos of excavations of the area that show a good deal of below-ground construction – covered back up now. Brigid Mulloy, daughter of William Mulloy who played a role in the restoration, was on hand for the celebration – which included music and ceremonial food presentation, of course.

Above, anyone who was anyone involved lined up to have official pictures taken. I fired this one off for myself – not doing anything with it until now. I figure that if anyone wants a good size b&w print file I can provide it. The image below is an iPhone shot of the picture from the original restoration that was printed on the t-shirt that we were given. Folio images show best on the Folio pages – the group shot is HERE (a little larger than most in case someone needs it).