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Island Folio Additions – Nan

Sep 29, 2020

As I'm getting near the end of making additions to the Easter Island Folio, I'm working up images that I'm ambiguous about putting in the Easter Island Folio. Some are more personal, yet part of the "story" of the project. So there may be more postings like this one, where I'm including the first two images of Nan in the folio. The third is an iPhone shot at the airport in Hanga Roa of Terry's daughter and two grandchildren are ready to board a plane after a visit – I'm figuring she might like to have it.

This will makie for a pool of well over 200 images to draw from if and when there is an exhibit to put together – wow. And I'm finding that some of the additions are new favorites, wondering why it took me so long to see their potential. Others are more personal images, snapshots even, that I've converted and have come to appreciate.

There are still a handful of images to work up – and there might be a straggler or two when I'm done, after all I made one addition to the Acadia folio twenty five years after, and it's one of my faves.

Both images I'm adding today are of Nan – they started off as grab shots (one is iPhone). They're part of the story of our Island project thet I'm just now seeing as integral to it – and like with years of our family pictures at home, I've worked them up in b&w.

The intro image is a favorite of mine, Nan with what she calls her Rapanui-hair. The combination of wind and humidity always did a number on it – making it the only place she actually likes to wear a hat. Next she's sitting in the doorway of our cabin our first year.

Both have been added to the Island folio, page 10 HERE (always better viewed there). Finally, the image of Terry's daughter and grandkids: