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Library Door and Street Clown – More from Easter Island

Sep 9, 2020

.Just a short posting while I add more images to the Easter Island Folio – HERE. The door on the library in Hanga Roa is interesting for more than the carving. Just look where the handles are. On our last couple of trips I did a little iPhone work in town. Both of these today are from that body of work. The image below is something of a one-off. My only guess is that he was visiting from the mainland and hanging around town making balloons for kids. We had never seen him before, or after.

I’ve also added to the Folio a fixed version of the Cafe Makona shot I posted a while back – the one with Nan and Helga in it, and Roberto and alexandra in the background on the left.

There isn't always something of a story behind a shot – especially iPhone grab work. When third party camera apps began to be able to be set to shoot in RAW, the thing became an important addition to my b&w toolkit.