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Nan is the one on the Right… back to the Easter Island Folio

Sep 2, 2020

To begin with, I've added to the folio the finished versions of a few images that were posted on the blog earlier this year – everything added today is on Page 9. Another iPhone shot, showing a quick break for a biscuit snack, that's Maruka on the left. It seems the early sailors landing on the island left behind a liking for these biscuits, or hard-tack. Fresh they're not all that bad, and one can still find them everywhere on the island, the cheapest way to get something to eat. In fact, in 2006 through 2010 stays, they were a regular part of our diet.

The image below is fairly typical. We were taken along to a family memorial gathering – Rapanui style – for an elder who had passed. A photo was propped up and songs were sung while food was cooking, buried in a traditional pit nearby. At one point, something very common, three of the young ladies performed a traditional dance.

By this point people were so used to us being around that nobody paid me any mind, and I'm good at staying back out of the way. This one will show a lot printed large.

This fills page 9 of the Island images – making for about 225 images, far in escess of my original goals. I'll be setting up and starting a page 10 for finishing up on the few that remain to be worked up. That should leave room for the odd late addition.

A total of three years on the Island produced a awful lot of images. Mining those for favorites is a daunting task, made more so by hindsight. The farther I get away from making the original exposures, and the more of them I finish with, the more of the remainder emerge to remind me of what I was seeing at the time, and the more ideas I find I have as to what I can do with them in b&w. This happened to a lesser extent with the Acada National Park project, two of the images from the trip being added to the folio years later. But that was after shooting for a little less than one month, not thirty six.

Another difference is that the original set of folio images were selected for my book, The Moon has been Eaten, reflecting the scope of the original project. The subsequent additions chosen for the second volume, meant at the time to finish telling the story. Now, after a break to work on my present Havre de Grace Street project, I find I have a new perspective, in some ways more in tune with that while I was actually shooting.

This time images are emerging on their own, not as much to fit a volume. If there is to be one, it certainly would not include all of them – definitely a new perspective. The reasons for including images in the folio now range from their potential as exhibit prints to simply interesting shots that someone involved might like to have. It's all part of the story, and it's going to make for a much larger folio than I anticipated – but I hope interesting. I'm dreading the idea of having to select an exhibit from it.