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Finishing up with Tapati Rapanui 2007 – Three Images

Jan 6, 2021

I decided that the first thing I needed to accomplish in 2021 is finish up with the three Easter Island sub-folios. The three images here are the last (I assume at this point) that I will add to the Tapati Rapanui 2007 section. The reatured image was a little questionable – I was having to pan the action a little and it’s not the sharpest of my images. But I love the subject matter. This was a long banana-run relay. And for the first time a team of four women entered the event. Here the final carrier of the 44 pounds of bananas is accompanied by the runners of the first three legs across the finish line. I took note of the fact that, unlike most of the men the women wore sneakers – I hardly blame them.

The second image, below, was taken during Parade-prep outside of town. This young lady is finished being painted up and heading out on her bike.

While I took a lot of exposures of practice sessiions, this is the only one I’m using – the outdoor stage is still being set up at this point, and one of the candidate’s youth dancers are in the early stages of rehearsal.

As always, Blog images added to Folios are viewed at their best there – where they are also downloadable. Subjects, related parties and somethimes others will be sent higher resolution files on request.These have been added on Page 11, as well as to the Tapati 2007 Page.


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